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Server Rules & Information

on Fri Dec 22, 2017 7:50 pm

[x] No being disrespectful to other players or staff.
[x] No racist or sexually abusive comments toward others.
[x] No impersonating staff members.
[x] No threatening to DDoS or take down our network [perm-ban and IP logging].
[x] No asking for other players personal information (IE: home address, phone number).
[x] Do not Minge, Troll, FailRP, RDM, RDA, or Metagame.
[x] Do not mic spam or chat spam in IC or OOC.
[x] Do not bring drama to the server you will be kicked.
[x] Do not advertise another server.
[x] This is a serious roleplay server, treat it seriously.
[x] PAC3 is for cosmetic use only.
[x] Do not spawn any props.
[x] Do not sit on anyone.
[x] There is no FailRp Hours for this Server.


[x] Golden Rule, Do not harm or kill another trooper.
[x] Do not harm or kill yourself in any way shape or form. (Jumping down elevators or catwalks).
[x] If a Sith is in battle you do not shoot or aid the sith.
[x] Listen to the orders of your superior, he/she is more experienced than you.
[x] Always listen to your superiors orders unless they are ridiculous.
[x] Always salute to CO+ and Imperial Navy if you don’t it is considered disrespect nad can be arrested for not following procedures.
[x] 2LT or above can hold tryouts for their regiment.
[x] NCO+ can train recruits.
[x] CO+ can give one commendation to a trooper after an event.
[x] Commanders+ can give out two commendations to a trooper(s) after an event.
[x] COL+ can give a recommendation for a trooper(s) (Possible) promotion.
[x] The highest SNCO+ in a regiment can hold training (not tryouts) for their respected regiment.
[x] Rank skipping is not allowed unless the regiment has no Colonel.
[x] If a CO is inactive for 5 days straight they will be demoted.
[x] If a Commander is inactive for 3 days straight without an LOA they will be demoted.
[x] If a Commander is demoted, the new Commander will be voted during the next CO meeting.
[x] CO+ do not need their name abbreviated or need to have numbers in it. (EX : ST Captain Name)
[x] You must bow to the Emperor and his Body Parts (Take out keys crouch and look down)
[x] Fleet never walk alone, past the elevator checkpoint, must always be with a guard/s or another Fleet member.
[x] During Defcon 5(Evacuate Ship), all CO+ MUST report to the Communal Meeting Room
[x] When Defcon 3 is active, Fleet can’t leave the Bridge unless they are going to the Control Room/s and they are with an escort.
[x] During DEFCON 1, All troops must walk with their E-11 out on safety, taking it off safety and aiming it at a fellow troop, Sith or Fleet, they can be punished.


The following actions may be taken in this order [unless violating a more serious offense]:

[-] Players may be given punishements from superiors.
[-] Players could get Arrested.
[-] Player shall be warned about the rule they have broken.
[-] Will be kicked from the server if they continue to break a rule.
[-] A ban will be issued for a term of 3-5 days (depending on what occured).
[-] A permanent ban will be issued and shall not be removed.

[For Ban Appeals, Please Visit out Forums.]

Server Content Pack


Server Ranks & Clearance Levels

Can be found on a detailed Google Spreadsheet LINK

Community Discord


New Imperial Rp Discord


New Republic Rp Discord


Naming Yourself

Open up the chat window and type /name ST PVT #### (Name)

/name = naming command
ST = Stormtrooper Regiment
PVT = Private Rank
#### = Identification Numbers (IDN)(4 Random Numbers,Avoid Mingey Numbers.)
(Name) = Your desired Name (Avoid Mingey Names)

Required Binds

Open the console with the ` key and type these commands. Don't forgot to swap (key) for a key.

Salute Bind
Bind (key) "say /me Salutes"

Disarm Bind
Bind (key) "say /me Strips Weapons and Comms"

ID Bind
Bind (key) "say /me Shows ID: [Name: ---] [Reg: --] [Rank: ---] [Clearance Level : #] [IDN: ####]"

Third Person Bind (Optional)
Bind (key) ''simple_thirdperson_enable_toggle''

Chat Functions

Out of Character
To speak in out of character enter the following
// or /ooc

Communication Devices
To speak in comms enter the following
*Warning use this only for roleplay and announcements*

Staff Chat
To speak to staff enter the following
@ then your message
*Warning do not spam staff, we will not tolerate it*

VIP Info

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